Dog Facts

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Dog Facts Of A Chihuahua

Chihuahua is the worlds smallest dog.

a)  A dog has the intelligence of a two year old child.

 b)  A dog can understand up to 250 gestures and words.

 c)  Unlike cats,dogs don’t like being held,as they see this gesture as one of a act of dominance.

d)  A dogs nose is always wet,as it determines the direction of smells that the dog comes into contact with.

  e)  Contrary to common belief,hyenas are not a member of the dog family,rather a member of the cat family.Which may explain its cat like call.

  f)  As humans sweat through pores all over the body,dogs sweat through their feet pads. 

  g) A dogs sense of smell is up to 100,000 times more acute in comparison to a human.

  h) Dogs ears are continually in motion as they contain a dozen working muscles working in unison to detect sound and movement.  

I)  45% of all dog owners allow their pooch to share their bed at night.

j)  Dogs pee contains a acid that is capable of corroding acid,which would explain the amount of cities utilities poles in poor condition..true fact!

k)  Medical research has shown that dogs can sense a illness or disease in their owners/families body.

l)  America has the highest population of dogs in the world.

m) The fastest dog on earth is the greyhound with speeds up to 44 miles per hour.

n) Newfoundlands webbed feet allows them to be prolific swimmers.

o) On average city dogs outlive country dogs by three years.

p) The Irish Wolfhound is the largest dog breed.

q) The Chihuahua is the worlds smallest breed of dog.

r) The worlds heaviest breed of dog is the St Bernard.

s) The worlds most intelligent dog is the Poodle.

t)  Dogs live on average to 15 years.

u) Boxer dogs gained their name from playing with their front paws.

v) The Basenji a wolf dog from Africa,is the only known dog who cannot bark.