Are Male Or Female Dogs Better

When it comes to choosing a dog for a pet, are male or female dogs better?

Males, according to some dog owners, are often more aggressive and destructive, especially in compact places. Female dogs are thought to be more loving and easier to train.

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Are Female Dogs Different After Spaying?

These stereotypes may or may not be true, depending on the dog breed. Choosing a female dog necessitates either spaying or dealing with the issue of the dog being in heat.

If you don’t use doggie birth control, you’ll be continuously looking for homes for adorable litters of puppies.

Are Male Or Female Dogs Better

Does Menopause Affect Female Dogs?

Female dogs do not go through menopause, thus unlike human women, they can have puppies for the rest of their lives. Every year, you’ll spend weeks fighting to protect your female from men who can smell her from blocks away.

If you have a purebred dog that you wish to breed, on the other hand, having a female dog can be a financial benefit.

Female Dogs Go Through Menopause

A male dog is expected to mark his territory.

Whether it’s around your house or in the yard, male dogs insist on claiming their territory. They accomplish this by urinating on their “spot” in order to remember where it is.

You can teach a dog not to mark his territory, but you’ll be asking him to go against his natural inclinations.

Expect a fight over who runs the house if you have another male dog in the house, especially if both want to be alpha dogs. Even a lesser male dog will challenge or agitate a larger male dog simply to show he was first in the house.

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Females Have Space Boundaries

Canines of different genders get along better than dogs of the same gender. While female canines are not as violent as male dogs, some females are unwilling to share their space with another dog.

Female dogs are typically simpler to house train than male dogs, though this varies by breed and dog trainer expertise. Male dogs are thought to be more active and lively, however some breeds are “high strung” in both males and females.

Many people seeking a dog want a female dog, according to the typical individual. They most likely feel that female dogs are less aggressive and easier to teach than male canines.

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Females Possess A Complicated Nature

They forget, however, that female dogs can be very moody. Male dogs are prefered by breeders because they are easier to care for. Gender is not the single (or even the best) indicator of a dog’s behaviour.

Breeds that are noted for being calm and patient, whether male or female, tend to be that way. Males and females alike are feisty, snappy, and difficult to handle in other breeds.

Because there is no scientific evidence comparing male and female features, the decision about canine gender is mainly subjective.

Are Male Or Female Dogs Better

Most likely, your memories of a childhood pet or a pet that you wish you had are affecting your decision right now.

Perhaps you remember the ideal dog as the sweet female Collie who lovingly cared for litter after litter of puppies. You would imagine a giant, rough-and-tumble male canine who could run fast, play nonstop, and keep up with the most curious children.

If your feelings lead you to believe that a male or female dog is the perfect dog for you, then go with your gut. That will be the best option for you.

Just to Recap…

Male Dogs’ Benefits and Drawbacks

Male dogs, on the whole, are larger and require more assertive training. They are said to be more well-rounded family dogs who can adapt to a variety of settings. However, if there is a female dog on heat nearby, you should always give a male dog with an area to exercise where he can’t escape.

Are they kid friendly?

Male dogs, rather than seeing children as their children, consider them as playmates and can be a little rambunctious at times. This varies by breed, and some male dogs can be extremely affectionate and protective of children.


Male canines are more loving than female dogs and appear to thrive on continual human attention. They are less prone to withdraw themselves from the spotlight and will accept any amount of affection.


Male dogs, on the whole, stay childlike and take a little longer to mature than female dogs. It can sometimes be tough to hold their interest while teaching them, but if you can figure out what your dog enjoys, training will become lot easier.

On the other side, male dogs have won more dog shows than female dogs, so if you put in the time to train him, your dog might just prove your neighbours wrong.

Female Dogs’ Benefits and Drawbacks

Female dogs (bitches) are more receptive to training and are less likely to wander away. They’re also better at socialising with other dogs, though be cautious when introducing a bitch to an unneutered male dog.

Accidental mating is always a possibility when the male is loud. In a bitch’s lifetime, false pregnancies are possible. The dog will bleed during her two ‘heats’ per year and should be kept in a room that you can readily clean.

Are they kid friendly?

If you have children, some individuals prefer a female dog over a male dog since it is widely assumed that female dogs are naturally more protective of children.


Female dogs, on the whole, are a little more autonomous than male dogs and aren’t as demanding of care. They like a good snuggle just as much as any other male dog, but they tend to withdraw when they need some alone time.


Female dogs are considered to be simpler to train than male dogs since they are less readily distracted, and while this may be true, the majority of dog show winners in history have been males. It’s also worth noting that female dogs are nearly impossible to teach when they’re in heat.

If I already have a male dog, should I get a female dog?

This is a question that many dog owners have, therefore we’ll try to answer it for you.Dogs of the same gender get along better. When male canines meet together, they frequently question each other’s place in the pack and find it difficult to agree on matters.

With two female dogs, this isn’t generally as problematic, although they sometimes have trouble deciding which is the alpha female.


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