Clicker Training Dogs

How clicker training dogs speeds up results

How clicker training dogs speeds up results

Looking to train your dog effectively? Then you will find there are quite a number of methods available.One overlooked and effective method is clicker training your dog by way of a low cost clicker that fits snugly in your hand.

Suggested Techniques:

– Scientific Technique.Clicker training is based on the concept that dogs learn by repetition and association.Therefore in the dogs mind a connection is being developed between the  the clicking repetitions and fido’s behavior which leads to a quicker reward for him.

– Clicking assists the dog determine the required behavior. The secret to success in canine training is for your dog to duplicate the training behavior. Regular use of a clicker motivates the dog to connect training patterns between behavior and rewards faster.

– Dogs relate the clicker to a reward.After a command is given,the clicker is activated as soon as the dog demonstrates the desired behavior.The dog will associate the sound in tandem with his behavior,knowing that a reward follows.
Constantly rewarding your dog is important.In the dogs mind,the clicking sound indentifies with the desired behavior.The dog still needs to be rewarded for responding to the command,if you want repeated behavior from him.
– Clicks over words.As dogs can’t understand our language,they identify with sounds and tones that come from us,including clicks.This is a defined tone that fido associates with reward and behavior.
– Avoid a dependence risk.Dogs owners commencing training with clicks make the mistake of over reliance on the click device.To avoid this only perform the click repetitions in the initial repetitions of any  required command.

– A real clicker is not necessary.You don’t have to purchase a original clicker for this traing method,a alternative that mimics a clicking noise will suffice.
– A faster training routine.The faster a behavioral pattern is established,the faster fido will learn to replicate it.The clicking assists in the training technique’s successful behavior.

– Control clicker use.This form of training is designed  to associate the dog to the behavior desired.Once the dog has achieved the required training repetition,then use of the clicker can be discontinued.