Dog Aggression

Handling situations when confronted by aggressive dogs without a lead.

Dog Aggression controlled by a leadThis is a frightening prospect when you are out walking your dog and suddenly approached by a aggressive breed of dog who charges towards your dog/puppy and we freeze,what do we do…we have all experienced this.

My reason for penning this article,is I was recently on a dog forum and read a sad post from a dog owner who held her dog dying in her arms after being savagely attacked right in her prescence by a savage dog off it’s lead and snapped her dogs neck.

Here are some helpful tips when you encounter dog aggression:

  • If you encounter a dog showing aggressive behavior without a lead,have a chat with it’s owner,and suggest while other dogs are around to keep his/her dog on a lead.
  • A great product on the market to protect your dog in a attack,is to purchase “dog safe pepper spray” this will only cause enough discomfort to the aggressor to limit the attack as the aggressive dog will become disoriented,and will thibk twice about approaching you again.
  • A dog deterrent that has been on the market for some time is high pitched sonic alarms.These are only heard by dogs acute hearing and will distract the aggressor and although the sound annoys the dog,no lasting effects will occur.
  • A rather obvious but effective deterrent to dog aggression is to carry a large threatening stick,and waving it aggressively at the advancing dog will more often than not deter a the dog attacking.
  • Contacting the Dog Warden or dog walfare organization in your city is the correct civil minded action to take.As the aggressive dog if without a owner or lead,indicates that it is possibly a stray or lost or usually hungry.Therefore contacting your local authority will possibly save another pet owner from the distress of losing a beloved pet.