Dog Barking Control Techniques

Controlling Dog Barking

Barking is communicating.

Dogs are quite often misunderstood by their owners when it comes to repeated and uncontrolled barking.This is a very natural dog behaviour when a dog is either scared or excited and should never be suppressed,rather a dog should be taught when to bark at appropriate times,and the dog should be rewarded with a treat when it is quiet.

Here are some tips for dog barking control:

Understanding¬†A Dogs Barking Behavior – On casual occasions a dog will bark out of sheer boredom,especially herding breeds such as collie dogs,rather barking is usually a response to a potential threat to it’s master or his masters family.The other main reason is when another dog or person encroaches on his territory,this will trigger a warning in the form of barking.

Excessive Solitude – Dogs are communal animals and require contact human and fellow dog interaction.A dog cooped up in a small back yard or apartment all day on it’s own will protest the only way it knows how by barking.

Daily Exercise Is The Key – A dog’s barking behavior is a red flag telling it’s owner that I need to exercise with you to release my pent up boredom.So the key is to invest in a long leash and power walk or jog a couple of miles with the dog and the barking/boredom will be replaced with exhaustion and quiet.

Yelling At Your Barking Dog Is Ineffective – It is human nature when your dog starts barking at 2am to say “shutup” or throw a object at it.This human response will not solve the underlying fact that the dog is cold,hungry,sick or plainly bored.So equate with your baby in the crib when they cry,yelling doesn’t solve the problem,the same with your dog.Some affection and ten minutes of your valuable time will create wonders.

Is Your Dog Housebound? РIf your dog is housebound in working hours and has long access periods to the outside street,constant sitings of neighbor dogs will send fido off into a barking frenzy with no way to release his emotions,other than tearing and chewing your home to pieces.So simply close all venetians/curtains to access areas and for lighting purposes leave open areas not facing street frontages.