How To Stop A Puppy From Biting

How To Stop A Puppy From Biting

Control Puppies Biting

Puppies spend a lot of time chewing,playing and digging around humans throughout the day,then they decide they want to start biting and chewing on our hands,feet and ankles.We may write this off as puppy behavior when they are a few weeks old,but not so at 5 months old and growing..with bigger mouths and teeth.

Here are some basic tips to change your puppies mindset on biting:

Inhibit The Puppies Bite – When puppies play with each other, inevitably one will bite the other painfully forcing a loud yelp as a natural reaction.The yelp is a warning to the aggressor to back off for a while,within ten minutes they are at it again.When that painful bite transfers to our ankles we as the owner need to react the same way with a loud yelp.Fido will naturally back off for a few minutes,repeating this often will teach your puppy to be more gentle

Substituting Our Hand With A Toy Bone – Go to you favorite pet accessories store and purchase a soft and durable toy bone.This will give your puppy hours every day to occupy himself whilst developing strong jaws and teeth.

Encourage Your Puppy To Play Fetch – Dogs are creatures of habit and repetition,once they know you are putting in the time to play fetch with them in the yard then they will direct there energies in that direction instead of you hands and feet.

How Your Puppy Reacts to Patting – If your puppy reacts angrily to you patting hime by biting and nipping your hand,reward him with his favorite morsel repeatedly while continuing to pat him.Over a period of days this repetition will soften his temperament.

Keep a Puppy Blanket Close By When your puppy feels like chewing on your $100 shoes while your feet are still in them,have his favorite puppy blanket close by,so he can chew on his $10 blanket instead.

Take Him For A Walk On A Leash – Constant chewing and biting is only a form of pent up energy,and his normal outlet is biting.Channel your puppies energies into something more constructive by way of a one mile walk daily or by daily,and this exaust his energy levels leading to peaceful sleep for him and sanity for you!