Average Cost Of Owning A Dog

Average cost of owning a dog is similar to owning a boat in that it is an ongoing expense. There are immediate needs to be met as soon as you bring the dog home (which can cost anything from $30 for a pet adoption fee to $3,000 or more for purebred canines).

You must purchase food of a suitable standard

To begin, you must have the proper dog food. Food is graded by age, so what you feed a puppy is different from what you feed an adult dog. There are even diets with extra nutrients for puppies and older dogs to meet their specific nutritional requirements.

Of course, the dog’s food and water bowls must be the correct size. Puppy dishes are lower to the ground and more durable to prevent tipping. You’ll also require a sleeping area for the dog. This might range from a pack of flannel blankets to a fully outfitted doggie bed that costs more than your bed.

bowl of kibble and dog biscuits

Shelter For Indoor Or Outdoor Use

A weather-protected sleeping area is essential for an outside dog. It’s not enough to just confine a dog to a kennel. That’s not much better than incarceration. A sturdy doghouse is required for an outdoor dog.

A cedar dog home suited for a small dog can be purchased for roughly $200, while a cedar dog house suitable for a large dog can cost upwards of $1,000. Your dog requires more than uninsulated walls in harsh weather.

dog house with dog at entrance

Extras such as cooling/heating, grooming, and veterinary shots

For the cost of the unit plus installation, you can add an air conditioner or heating unit to the outside doghouse. You can also get an indoor doghouse, which provides a sense of privacy for medium to small dogs. In smaller sizes, a beautiful rattan indoor doghouse is available for under $200.

You’ll gradually add to your dog’s riches, moving from needs to frivolous stuff. Upkeep with veterinarian immunizations, feeding, and grooming will be your significant ongoing expenses.

Average Cost Of Owning A Dog

Average Cost Of Owning A Dog – A leash and a well-fitting collar

When strolling in public locations, most cities have leash rules that require your dog to be on a leash and under your supervision. A basic leash that attaches to a dog collar is required. Matching leashes are available in vibrant colours, exquisite leather, rhinestones, or other fake gems (or real depending on your budget).

Fancy collars and leashes are worn by fashionable dogs, which can be paired with your designer attire. The fluorescent collar is a handy solution for collar and leash. If you walk or run with your dog after dark, the fluorescent collar is an important safety feature for both of you.

Average Cost Of Owning A Dog

Average Cost Of Owning A Dog – Chew Toys for Dogs

The dog toy section is just slightly smaller than the toddler toy section at department stores. Toy frogs, squirrels, and cats give your dog the feeling of command over another species.

Average Cost Of Owning A Dog

Average Cost Of Owning A Dog – Sweaters To Wear During The Winter

Doggie sweaters or raincoats are useful in cold and wet conditions. Small dogs require the additional warmth provided by the sweater. The trend of dressing up dogs in everything from bikinis to party dresses to Halloween costumes to haute couture soon adds up, but don’t expect every dog to approve of the idea.

Average Cost Of Owning A Dog

You’ll also find a never-ending supply of dog training books and DVDs, as well as dog grooming classes, personal dog training, and dog exercises. Remember to put money aside. It’ll come in handy for those annual shots of your dog on Santa’s lap!

Here is a recap of your dog’s basic costs:

Fees for adoption and breeding

Adoption fees range between $100 and $700 when purchasing a puppy. However, if you want a purebred puppy, expect to pay at least $1,000 and up to $4,000.

Don’t forget to purchase a pet licence ($20 to $100) and a microchip ($80 for a dog, depending on where you live).

Vaccinations and visits to the veterinarian

Regardless of where your puppy came from, you should get them examined by a veterinarian before bringing them home. Here’s how the first year of vet appointments goes:

The first visit to the veterinarian, which includes immunizations, can cost anywhere from $320 to 480 dollars.

The cost of spaying or neutering can range from $320 to $800. If your pet hasn’t been spayed or neutered yet, you should budget for it within the first year. If you adopt, however, the adoption cost may include a spay or neuter.

A wellness exam and parasite prevention may be included in further vet appointments for younger pets. For new pet parents, these might cost anywhere from $100 to $320.

Depending on their age and any health issues they may have, your dog’s visit may be more than once a year. Make sure you have money set out for any additional medical expenditures your new dog may require.

New Canine Supplies

Following that are the necessities for keeping your new dog happy at home. Many of these dog products will cost differently depending on your dog’s size, type, and where you acquire it:


Leash ($10-$60)

Poop Sacks ($10-$70)

Bowls for food and water ($10-$120)

Crate ($10-$330)

Bed ($10-$630)

Toys ($10-$290)

Goodies ($10-$60)

Toys and treats are also essential for your dog to form positive connections with their new home and to bond with you.

The cost of keeping your home and dog smelling good might also vary. Puppy training pads range in price from $10 to $200 if you need to house-train your dog inside. If you’re adopting an adult dog, you can forgo the pee pads, but don’t skimp on grooming supplies.

Dog shampoo and brushes range in price from $10 to $60 depending on your dog’s grooming needs, while carpet stain and odour removers can cost up to $30.

Initial costs vary depending on your dog’s breed and size, as well as your personal preferences and lifestyle as a pet parent. Don’t forget to perform some breed-specific research and look at the pricing ranges for each expense when choosing your dog.

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