Best 11 Dogs That Are Good With Cats

A family home is complete when our dog and cat are buddies.Certain dog breeds were made to get along with our feline friends.Here are eleven dogs that are good with cats.

#1 Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu translates in english to the “lion dog”.It was originally bred in Tibet,and was gifted by the Dalai Lama to the Chinese emperor in the 17th century.They were a prized pet of the chinese royalty,which maybe rubbed off with it’s aristocratic aura.

The Shih Tzu temperament is loyal,alert and affectionate and is known to be gentle and playful in the company of cats.

Dogs That Are Good With Cats

#2 Labrador

If you are looking for for big breed of dog,who gets on famously with cats,then look no further than the Labrador.This gentle giant has a sweet personality,is loyal and affectionate,without a vicious bone in it’s body.

Famous for their essential community role as guide dogs,they are a great pet, indoors and out.They come in three color varieties.The common yellow,black and not so common chocolate.A beautiful life companion,great with kids and cats.

Dogs That Are Good With Cats

#3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These gorgeous little spaniels,are part of the toy breed of dogs.Bred for hunting by the Duke Of Marlborough,on his estate named “Blenheim” in the early 18th century in England.They have a sweet,kind and obedient nature,with their freckly faces.

They love the company of other dogs,cats and kids.Great for apartment living or the outdoors.Your feline friend will have a friend for life with a Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

Dogs That Are Good With Cats

 #4 Pomeranian

Being the same size as a cat, poms can become a companion to your cat,preferably if they can be raised together. They are fearless,and not knowing their size,they believe they can take down bigger dogs if threatened.

Poms are not aggressive and have a friendly demeanor.It is wise not to bring home a pom puppy,if younger children are at home.As if dropped or stepped on,injury can easily occur.

Dogs That Are Good With Cats

#5 Chihuahua

Being the smallest breed of dog,makes them the ideal companion for a cat.Fearless,alert and ultra loyal,bordering on possessive with their owner,these little fireballs being their tiny size are probably not suited to households with kids.

The noise and constant handling would probably not suit their nature.Ideal for a sole occupant or partners living in a apartment,they love to snuggle up on their masters lap or in a warm blanket in their basket,as they do feel the cold easily.

Oh yes they will love and be ultra protective to your cat,even going as far as sharing their basket.

Dogs That Are Good With Cats

 #6 Maltese

The Maltese,another member of the toy breeds of dog.They are meant for comfort,not robust activities.They were mentioned by the ancient Greeks and Romans,as their favorite lapdog.They are perfect for apartment living.

Due to their size and gentle nature, the Maltese is the “purrfect” companion for your cat. They are a great dog for cats of all ages,as all they want to do is play and then snuggle up for a cat nap.

Dogs That Are Good With Cats

 #7 Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier A.K.A, “The American Gentleman” is a gentle happy-go-lucky breed,that are devoted to their owners.They were originally bred to be “ratters” in garment factories in Boston in the 19th century.Nowadays these “ladies and gentlemen” are proven companions to their owners.

They are great apartment dogs as they are gente with kids and cats,and bark very little,which will please your neighbors.Two brisk walks a day will be sufficient exercise,and most importantly their shiny coat requires minimal grooming.

Dogs That Are Good With Cats

#8 Chinese Crested

This small breed comes in two varieties,hairless & powderpuff (full coat) and they are devoted to their family. The Chinese Crested is good natured with everyone, including your cat. The Chinese Crested combines qualities of a calm lapdog sensitive companion, and playful elf.

They are pocket sized,being a foot high and weighing 12 pounds.Their temperament is affectionate,happy,alert and playful.They make suitable apartment dogs,due to their quiet nature.Like most small breeds they are not over-active and seek peace and quiet with their owners and co- pets.

Dogs That Are Good With Cats

#9 Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog A.K.A. Sheltie,is another big dog breed that are ideal companions with cats.A descendant of the collie dog,they were bred in the Shetland Islands as mainly a herding dog,to herd sheep.

Their thick waterproof double coat was ideal for braving the frigid wet Shetland winters.They are a incredible loyal dog to their owners,they can be known as the owners “shadow”.Their temperament is highly intelligent,gentle,strong and affectionate.

Due to being working dogs they need large yards or acreage to use up energy.The Sheltie is one of the top dogs that are good with cats.

Dogs That Are Good With Cats

 #10 Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin was a gift to the Japanese empress in the sixth century.This toy breed was first bred as a lapdog and companion dog.These cute fellas can stand up to eleven inches tall and weigh up to fifteen pounds.

Their temperament is affectionate and loving,and they are the most “cat like” in temperament in the dog world.Meaning they are alert and independent,and use their paws to wash and wipe their face.In addition like cats they have a superior sense of balance,and have a preference for resting on high surfaces.

Their gentle nature makes them ideal companions for living with kids and cats in apartments.

Dogs That Are Good With Cats

#11 Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise, a relative of the Maltese, is gentle,sensitive and playful.Developed as a toy breed and a companion dog,it is very sociable and if introduced together whilst both are young,will treat a cat as it’s brother.

Great for apartment living,the Bichon lives to be loyal to it’s owners.They are a intelligent dog,with a history dating back to France and Spain in the sixteenth century.The french name Bichon Frise translated to english meaning “curly lap dog” is a perfect description for this cutie.

Dogs That Are Good With Cats





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