8 Easy Facts about Pit Bulls

Resolving Some Common Myths About The Pit Bull

It’s time to separate the realities from fiction,by stating some facts about pit bulls. Laying to rest a few of these more typically known “misconceptions” about the Pit Bull will hopefully also lay to rest a few of the fears associated with the breed. If any of this noise is familiar to you and what the real reality behind the story is, see…this is pure fiction.

facts about pit bulls

Misconception # 1: Pit Bulls Have “Locking” Jaws

This is genetically impossible for any dog, including and particularly the Pit Bull. Absolutely no dog has a “locking”.jaw.

The truth behind this misconception is that Pit Bulls are very strong and single minded creatures, that can hang on if they want to do so, for extended time periods, and it can be very challenging to break their grip on something as soon as they get on.

This is why people refer to their jaws as “locking”, however it’s not like a mechanical device! Unless the dog in question has been entirely manufactured synthetically, they do not have a locking jaw.

facts about pit bulls

Misconception # 2: Pit Bulls Make Great Guard Dogs

Not Happenin’! Nope, sorry. This is another big misconception and misconception to be sure! While Pit Bulls can be intense, when feeling the need to secure their owner or other “members of their pack”( member of the family ☺), this is usually displayed with regards to other animals, and not human beings.

Pit Bulls have a general acceptance and basic like for the majority of people, be it complete strangers or not. But, this also depends upon how social your dog is.

Some dog breeds, this can be any breed, don’t like human beings. They do not understand and can often times feel that strangers constantly have ill will or bad objectives either towards you or them.

But, in general, Pits do not make for good watchdogs, although they will protect you or a “member of their pack” without question if in danger( as the majority of any pet dog would do).

Purchase another breed that is best for this job if you’re in the market for a guard canine.

Misconception # 3: Red Nosed Pit Bulls Are Naturally More Aggressive

Are You Kidding Me ?? Again, not real! A red nosed Pit is no different in character than that of any other color. This is just a genetic characteristic that some Pits carry and others do not and absolutely nothing more.

Comparable to somebody that has blue eyes instead of green. There is definitely no realities or evidence that can back up this claim. The only sensible connection can be made with the color itself and not the pet!

Red normally symbolizes threat or that something bad might happen, or to use extreme care, etc., so there you have a great mix for misconception breeding. A Pit Bull with a Red Nose. It sure ain’t Rudolph !! Something Bad + Something Bad = Danger!

Mark it down as a misconception and file it away for good.

facts about pit bulls

Misconception # 4: Eliminating All Pit Bulls Will Alleviate Most Dog Attacks

……And Make The World A Safer Place Completely Ridiculous!

While it holds true that Pit Bulls have actually been associated with some extremely advertised dog attacks, that they are not responsible for all, or even most, of them.

Even if you were to remove, or rather eradicate, the dog breed, there would still be other breeds that attack. You would have to get rid of all breeds of dog, to be safe from dog attacks as every single pet dog is more than capable of assaulting anyone at anytime and for any factor.

facts about pit bulls

Type Specific

Legislation is a frighteningly radical idea and just offers local governments the one thing they want, more power to decide what you want for you!

State, for example, that laws are passed banning the Pit Bull type all over across the world.After lawmakers have actually come to a final decision on exactly what the Pit Bull breed actually is( as it stands now, there are a number of different breeds jammed into this category).

And people are made to surrender their family pets they think about to be parts of their family. Do you actually believe this will stop the ownership of Pit Bulls by careless people?

This will more than likely have the opposite impact and you will have produced a larger problem in the end. Besides, those who want a “difficult” canine will simply discover another breed that fills the need.

facts about pit bulls

All Owners Need To Take Responsibility

And, do you honestly think that this kind of “ban” will stop just with the Pit Bull type? What about other dog breeds that have been placed into the “vicious” category? Do you believe they will be “targeted” next for removal?

Most likely the response is yes. This type of believing doesn’t assist anybody, or any animal. More concentration should be put on punishing the reckless actions of owners of these “vicious pets”, or canines that attack human beings or animals.

Obviously the animal that assaulted needs to be put down prior to it having a possibility to hurt anyone else, however depending on the situations surrounding each individual occurance, proper action must be taken versus the owner of the pet dog.

That would be more reliable than banning, or targeting, a particular breed. Do not you think?

Myth # 5: Pit Bulls Are Vicious Towards All People

Not Even Close To Being True! They are really friendly towards people genetically. However, some owners want their Pits to be suspicious of people and establish a dislike of any other humans than those that they recognize with, i.e.– member of the family.

Like other pet dog breeds, Pits can be trained to be “people aggressive”, but are not born this way normally. If appropriately socialized, Pit Bulls will be less, most likely to show aggressive, or “vicious” habits towards anyone, this includes babies.

facts about pit bulls

Misconception # 6: A Pit Bull Will Kill Anything That Moves

Are You Serious?? Nope. Yet another myth. Sure, Pits were reproduced to be aggressive towards other animals, however more frequently, they will not be unless they feel a sense of threat from that animal.

Again, Pit Bulls are friendly and naturally tolerant to human beings, even children. However, depending on the environment and situations that a particular Pit Bull is raised up in, will predict it’s external behavior towards other animals, and humans.

I personally have a one years of age Pit male (that has not been neutered) and at 3 various times have brought in 3 different pups, all various ages (and sizes), to which he adjusted well to.

During all three times, I strictly supervised his habits. I would never ever allow him to be without supervision to begin this type of “household socialization”, and any other accountable Pit Bull owner should not either.

Another important fact, was that he was a bit more aggressive towards the bigger puppy out of the 3, even though all were female (the smaller sized three of them Pits and the larger a black lab mix).

He did not bite or try to attack her, he simply barked a little and after that began sniffing her. Likewise, after bathing the new older pup, he was more acceptable to her and now they all get along gladly together ☺.

It’s crucial to comprehend that all animals should have a “pecking order” developing who the “leader of the pack” is and on down so each animal understands their location within the pack. This is the same with your pit.

If you have more than one pet dog, they will have little “spats” every once in a while to strengthen who the leader, or Alpha, dog is.

facts about pit bulls

Myth # 7: Pit Bulls And Children Are A Deadly Combination

Eeeeh! Incorrect Answer! Not true. It’s another misconception. But it likewise depends upon the Pit Bull’s owner and how they have trained him to act.

Remember that when they first arrived in America, Pits adhered as a member of the family and hit it off with children. If the owner is responsible enough to mingle their Pit effectively and obedience train them, the exact same can be seen today.

When kids are senselessly assaulted it is a tragedy.most absolutely.It is the pit owner’s responsibility to be accountable and be sure their family pet is never ever put in a situation where an attack might take place, however likewise too it is the duty of the kid’s parents not to leave their kids alone with untrained pits without supervision.

facts about pit bulls

Myth # 8: Pit Bulls Have A High Pain Barrier

Overall Myth! Pit Bulls, like any other living creature can experience, and do feel discomfort. However, they have a natural tolerance for pain, that is rather high so they can handle it better than other types.

That’s what makes them a great match with kids. They can tolerate the ear pulling, hair pulling, and rough play that many children show without harming the kids.

Many times, they will just sit there and “handle it”. A trait I have actually seen my Pit display many times before. My five and six years of age like to hug him a lot and will usually grab him right around the neck and hug him rather “snugly” after a long day at school.

He simply sits there and lets them do it. No flinching, no growling, nothing! He’s like a statue! And he has never ever snapped at them for showing their “brand” of love on him.

Remove The Stereotype

The only method to remove these blatant stereotypes placed on this loving creature is through “mass” education. Take what you have actually found out and utilize it to inform others that may also feel the same way you do, or believe the exact same things you did before reading this article.

The negative material is currently out there in abundance. Absolutely nothing needs to be added to that, believe me. Put something favorable into the mix!

facts about pit bulls

The “Violence Factor” And The American Pit Bull Terrier

Shocking headings certainly produce excellent reading products, don’t they? The majority of the time, something scary can make for more readers. Privately, individuals like the gruesome, gory information that make them wince and shake their heads in shock and scary.

It’s the train wreck or vehicle accident you simply can’t seem to turn away from, no matter how bad you want to.

Bad press is so typical now and instilled into general society in terms of the “Big Bad Pit Bull” that all one needs to see is the two words “Pit Bull” in a dog attack article, and in some way any other pet dog breed pointed out inexplicably fades into the background.

The Pit Bull ends up being the instigator of the whole act. If he wasn’t present at the time, even. It’s doggie profiling at it’s worst degree.

Plus, add to it the fact that there are various dog breeds lumped together into the category of Pit Bull, and you’ve got a real mess on your hands.

And if he belonged to the “attack pack”, well, it’s an automated death sentence for him, even if he didn’t bite the victim. It’s guilty as charged basically. Or just being what he is, A Pit Bull.

Many times, the pit has no idea what he has done wrong, if he has actually done anything incorrect at all. To the Pit, doing what it is their owner commands is what he is suppose to be doing.

Whether it’s combating with other canines, learning to assault anybody or anything that comes too near to his area, or securing the owner’s residential or commercial property.

But still, the Pit pays the ultimate price for the sake of the irresponsible owner…. with his life.The true facts about pit bulls shines the dog in a different light.

facts about pit bulls

Who Should Own A Pit Bull?

Absolutely anybody can own a Pit Bull that has a huge heart and enjoys pet dogs.No matter if you have a big family, or a little one, or are simply starting one.When looking for a family dog, a Pit Bull can be a wise choice.

You need to actually have lots of persistence too, so that you can teach your Pit the appropriate method to act, through proper socializing and obedience training.

Something really important is to contact local authorities,and enquire whether Pit Bulls are allowable in your area, in addition if any restrictions,such as insurance coverage, special fencing or housing systems, muzzles, and so on are in force.

Some communities have really banned the ownership of Pit Bulls, so ensure to research it completely.

Pit Bulls Require Plenty Of Room To Run Around And Play

You must have enough space inside and outside for your Pit Bull, or you must be able to take her with you while you exercise outside (walking, running, running, and so on).

We’re not talking about a mansion, but there must be enough space to accommodate your new pet without causing too much social disruption. Pit bulls enjoy playing and will do it both inside and outside, however it is generally better done outside.

To take your Pit outside, you don’t need to have a fenced-in yard.

You must, however, be a responsible owner and respect any restrictions set down in your area regarding your family pet, no matter how absurd you may believe they are.

facts about pit bulls

Always Use a Leash That Is Secure

Remember to keep your Pit on a secure leash whenever you take her outside.

That doesn’t mean you have to make them look like “shackled detainees” by attaching chains to them. At most pet stores, there are a variety of nylon leashes available, all of which are rather thick.

These can withstand your Pit’s strength without making him look like he just got out of doggy jail.

I’m not against using chains because many Pits are as powerful as you can imagine, and depending on the size and strength of your Pit, this can be your only option.

Keep in mind, though, that even chains can be broken! Always make sure that any sort of confinement you use with your APBT is sturdy enough to handle any punishment your dog can dish out! Plus, this is just my personal opinion, not legal advice.

I’m sure a lot of people use choker chains and chain type leashes and collars, but I don’t.

Make sure the leash is solid before heading out the front door, whether it’s made of nylon, metal, or leather. Even a pit bull puppy can be rather powerful.

If the collar or leash is the best fit for your dog based on their weight, make sure you read the identifying information on the collar or leash before purchasing to guarantee its suitability. Don’t forget that Pitbulls enjoy pulling!

facts about pit bulls

Apartment Living Is Suitable To Pits

Do you have to own your own home to own a Pit Bull? Not necessarily. Some individuals will absolutely say YES! However in all truth, even if you live in a relaxing little apartment, you can own a loyal Pit Bull.

Those living in an apartment building,that can own pets, simply be sure that you consult your rental office in advance.

Also make sure to tell them what kind of canine you are getting and if you will be leaving him unlimited access to your house while you are not home so that no accidents happen that could have otherwise been prevented.

Pit Bulls like to do a lot of major relaxing when they’re puffed out, so apartment or condo living wouldn’t be a bad thing for them. There not as active as a Dalmatian is.

However still enjoy the everyday romp outdoors! They likewise have really short hair, so you can think that it would not be in their interest to be an “outdoors” canine.

They’ll do far better as an “inside” canine. A plus to making your Pit an “inside” pet is that it can avoid unsupervised romps like escaping the back fence after you left for work.

Even if you forget to lock your yard gate, chances are pretty good you won’t forget to lock your front and back entrances before you leave house.

facts about pit bulls

Follow Community Laws in Urban Areas

If you live in a very populated city area (i.e., a “city”), you must be extremely careful with your Pit. You must follow all Pit Bull laws, which most likely include any “vicious pet dog” laws that have been enacted.

In addition to the fact that certain communities have outright banned owning a Pit Bull, they normally stipulate suitable leash lengths, fence heights, enclosed kennels, muzzles, and carrying your Pit to canine parks or other public locations.

So, before you get your new Pit, double-check your local pet dog rules.

If you’re attempting to “condition” your image by owning a “hard” pet dog, this should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway.

Or a person who leads a “life of criminal offence,” someone who lacks persistence, someone who is getting their first dog, someone looking for a watchdog, an abusive person, or someone who wants to fight your pet dog.

Then please,don’t purchase a Pit Bull.

This will simply reinforce and intensify the bad vision that has already been established. And if you’re thinking about that third choice, you really shouldn’t have a dog or any animal at all! This isn’t a joke.

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