How To Use A Choke Chain – 2 Danger Triggers

Many dog owners frequently question how to use a choke chain out of concern for their safety. In skilled hands, the choke chain can be dependable, but generally speaking, most dog trainers do not advise using it.

There are many reasons for this, including the possibility of harm, the possibility of the dog dying suddenly, and the fact that there are many alternative, kinder ways to restrain a pet dog.

Choke Chain Collar Can Cause Injury

Your dog may suffer injuries from the choke chain, particularly to the neck and oesophageal region. The choke chain was designed to give your dog a quick check before releasing correction, but this is not how it is typically utilised.

If your pet keeps on pulling against restraint, he will keep tightening the choke chain around his neck.

He begins to gasp for air as a result, and in some situations, he pulls even harder. His oesophagus and windpipe may be harmed by this. Up until the release of the pressure, the collar will keep getting tighter.

They Wern’t Designed For Walking Dogs

They are sometimes referred to as correction or check chains or collars by dog trainers, and many of them utilise them for quick corrections during training.

Even if you support the use of the device during other aspects of dog training, they were not designed to be used for walking your dog and shouldn’t be used for this purpose. You are practically certain to choke your dog if you walk it on one.

They are frequently suggested to people whose dogs tug on the lead, and I wish I understood why. They shouldn’t be utilised for that purpose because they weren’t designed for it.

how to use a choke chain

Pulling Too Hard On Dog’s Collar Causes Vertebrae Damage

Your dog’s neck could get hurt if the choke chain is pulled too firmly or too quickly. Both muscle strain and vertebral misalignment are possible. Animals are skilled at concealing pain, so sometimes these wounds go unnoticed.

However, it does harm the dog and could result in long-term damage. They are rarely seen as a direct effect of using a choke chain because these injuries typically go unnoticed until later issues arise.

Excessive Pulling On Collar Can Cause Accidental Death

The unintentional death of your pet is yet another, far worse, risk of using a choke chain. The collar will start to tighten if your dog catches the end ring of the chain on anything. Naturally, your dog will try to escape, which will make the chain much tighter.

The chain will eventually become so tight that it completely obstructs the airway to the lungs, causing your dog to suffocate. Dogs have been known to jump fences, hang themselves by the collar from a piece of the fence, and then be left to bleed to death.

Although it is a horrifying vision, the risk is all too real.

how to use a choke chain

A Dog Harness Is More Of A Safety Option

Many dog trainers avoid using choke chains in favour of other restraints like harnesses or regular collars that go around the dog’s neck and are fastened with buckles or clasps.

Given that it exerts the least amount of pressure on the dog’s neck, the harness is becoming more and more popular. Some versions have components that fit around the nose and the neck, giving the impression of a horse halter.

The premise is that a dog will follow its nose wherever it goes. Mom dogs will prod their young puppies’ noses or necks to lead them. Dog trainers with experience have seen this behaviour and attempted to replicate it using the new halter-styled harnesses.

how to use a choke chain

Dog Owners Need Education From A Dog Trainer

The fact that dog trainers cannot control the owner’s use of the choke chain after a training session with the dog is over is another reason why they are reluctant to use it. The chain can be utilised as intended by a knowledgeable trainer.

Even if the dog owner receives training in the proper use of a choke chain, it is impossible to predict whether the owner will stick to that technique when employing a choke collar. This might lead to misuse of the choke chain, putting the dog’s health in peril.

how to use a choke chain

Choke Chain Is Not Essential For Big Breeds

If their dog is a huge breed or has a thick neck, some dog owners believe the choke chain is absolutely necessary. They believe that that is the only way to control a dog of that size. Trainers of dogs will usually object to this way of thinking.

There are other gentler and more effective methods available for training dogs than the choke chain. If a dog owner is attracted to the way a choke chain looks, they should use a harness or another type of collar for restraint and just use the choke chain as an accessory.

The choke chain has a few advantages, but regular use exposes one to a lot of dangers. Before purchasing a choke chain for their dog, worried dog owners are encouraged to consult with qualified dog trainers.

how to use a choke chain

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