Most loyal dog breeds

Most loyal dog breeds shower love,devotion and most importantly protection to their owner.Some will even sacrifice their own life to guard their beloved owner.Here are 10 dog breeds,that live by these traits.

#1 American Staffordshire Terrier

The American “Staffy” is a courageous companion to it’s owner.It will guard and protect it’s owner,even if it’s own life is threatened.A loyal,obedient and persistant breed,they are much loved and in demand by owners.

They are also a misunderstood dog,with that powerful jaw and muscular body,they are often categorized purely as a aggresive fighting dog,which is totally incorrect.This view is usually shown when they are poorly treated and trained by unscupulous owners.

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

#2 Rough Collie

The rough collie is a loving and loyal companion.Usually suited to a one family situation,they are devoutly loyal to their owners and love playing with the families children.A herding breed by nature,they are popular with ranchers,and guard the ranch while the owners are absent.

They are non aggressive by nature,and shy with strangers.They are generally a healthy breed,and require minimum maintenance,with the exception of a good by weekly brushing of the thick coat.You will fall in love with this loving intelligent family member.

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

#3 Kuvasz

Kuvasz is a large working dog,that is protective,loyal and utterly fearless.They are a ancient breed of Hungarian herding dogs.Initially bred for herding,they then graduated to protecting the royal palaces of ancient Hungary.

These dogs are now simply homebodies,protecting and loving their family members.Fiecely loyal,they are gentle and sensitive and also more spirited and energetic than most dogs of a similar size.

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

 #4 Giant Schnauzer

Emerging from Bavaria,Germany in the 17th century.The giant schnauzer was bred for carting and protecting livestock on farms.When introduced to the cities,it quickly gained a reputation as a excellent commercial guard dog.

Today they are popular as police and law enforcement dogs in Germany.They are highly spirited and energetic and get bored easily,so they are not suited to families who are absent for large periods of the day,as they may get up to mischief.

They are loyal and protective of their families,and are safe with children.They are highly intelligent and know their role in life is to keep their family safe.

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

 #5 German Shepherd

When you think of loyalty in a dog,the first breed that comes to mind is the German Shepherd.As a herding bred dog,they have graduated as police and miltary dogs,excellent guard dogs,and protectors in general.

Highly intelligent and fiercely loyal,they are a one man/one family dog.They will fight to the bitter end to protect their owner.They are the ideal family pet,and are best if trained to bond as a puppy.They will love you for it.

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

#6 Rottweiler

Intelligent and strong,the Rottweiler was bred to be a herding dog in Germany.It’s origins can be traced back to Roman times,and was used to cart butchered meat to market in the mid 19th century.They are nowadays used as police dogs,search and rescue and guarding duties.

If trained from a puppy,they can remain calm,confident and loving and very loyal to their owners.They require their owner to be a pack leader and need regular exercise and workouts,due to their size and energy levels.

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

#7 Dobermann

This German breed was developed in 1890 and named after it’s breeder Karl Dobermann,a tax collector.Dobermann required a strong forceful dog as a protector,as he was so often abused due to his profession.They are known for their alertness,intelligence and fierce loyalty.

The dobermann has been unfairly labelled as a aggressive dog.Yes it can be if trained to be a protector or guardian dog.However this is only one facet of this loving breed.They are a strong,driven and sometimes stubborn breed.

It is adviseable to purchase a dobermann as a puppy,and train them for the purpose you require.They are a loving,loyal companion,and only interested in serving one owner or family.They see their role as your protector.

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

 #8 Great Pyrenees

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog A.K.A.Great Pyrenees,in North America.The breed originated in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain in the 17th century.As it was bred to be a livestock dog,it has a protective nature.

They have a independent/loner nature,due to being left on their own for large periods of time, to guard flocks of sheep in the rugged mountainous areas of the Pyrenees Mountains.Large in size and gentle and affectionate in nature,they make great family dogs.

Preferring a cold climate,rather than hot weather,they drool when subjected to heat or stress.They are a imposing guardian,loyal to the core and live to please their owner.

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

#9 Illyrian Shepherd

The Illyrian Shepherd Dog A.K.A the Šarplaninac due it’s origins from the Sar mountain range,covering the area of North Macedonia,Kosovo and North Albania.It is a livestock guardian dog that has served the Balkan’s farmers for hundreds of years.

Bred to protect sheep over a huge amount of mountainous terrain,their life is devoted to work.They are devoted entirely to their sheep flock and their owner.They are not a affectionate breed,but are 100% loyal to their family.

They have been known to sacrifice their life in fights with wolves and bears to protect their flock and owner/shepherd.A true loyal companion.

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

#10 Akita

The Akita is a large Japanese dog breed that originated in the mountainous regions of northern Japan.Originally bred for dog fighting in the 1600’s,then graduated to being companions for the samurai’s,who trained them to be hunters of elks,boar and bear.

They are a territorial dog known to be aloof with strangers,but are well known to be one of the most loyal dog breeds to their owners.They are a dominant dog breed,therefore it is adviseable not to house them with other dogs.

The akita requires a “pack leader” owner to show strength and guidance or they will takeover.They are not a breed for the first time dog handler.

Most Loyal Dog Breeds





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