Top 10 Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

Your family and house is not complete without a dog. Your house is just not a home without a four legged companion. However we don’t want fur on our furniture and clohing. If you are looking for small dogs that don’t shed,you have come to the right place.

Here are ten small dogs that don’t shed,that your family will fall in love with.

#1 Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier originally appeared in England under the name “Broken Haired Scotch Terrier” in 1861.In 1874,it assumed it’s current title of yorkshire terrier or A.K.A.Yorkie.

Affectionate and playful, the Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog full of personality.

They are the seventh most popular dog breed in America, as their silky coats are beautiful and most importantly…don’t shed.

Just brush them daily, which is manageable due to their small size. Don’t be fooled by their small stature and cuteness.They were bred to be workers.

These yorkies earnt their keep by way of hunting rats in English clothing mills. Whether catching a rat or lazing on the will adore them. Yorkshire terriers do not shed,all they ask is to give their coat a trim every month and a daily brushing.

If not maintained their hair will keep growing, just like a human’s would,but won’t shed., Yorkshire terrier hair can grow to be two feet long.

Small Dogs That Don't Shed

#2 Miniature Schnauzer

Schnauzers originated in Germany in the mid 19th century.They are outgoing, a ideal family dog and built close to the ground. These terriers were bred to be farm dogs,especially in the dual roles of controlling rodents and guarding livestock.

They are famous for not shedding, and their adaptable nature makes equally at home in the city or the country, as long as their owners keep them active. Weekly brushing and regular grooming are essential in coat maintenance.

Small Dogs That Don't Shed

#3 Scottish Terrier

Originating in the Scottish highlands in the early 19th century,this little fella is unique.If you like dog to have the qualities of independence,feisty,self-assurance,alert and playful,then you have found the right breed.Yes like all early british isle breeds,they were also ratters.

Their weather-resistant,wiry coats shed little, although they do require regular grooming and brushing, and the occasional hand-stripping to keep their coats healthy. Scotties are  independent and clever dogs that are affectionate with your family and kids.

Small Dogs That Don't Shed

#4 Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested is king when it comes to little canines that don’t shed because it has no hair. There are two subtypes of Chinese crested dogs: powderpuff and hairless. Chinese crested dogs that lack hair have hair on their heads, feet, and tails, whereas the powderpuff version has a coat of fine down hair that sheds very little.

To be your friend, the Chinese Crested breed was developed. There isn’t a better lap dog around. They are capable of spending hours in bed without moving. They are surprisingly athletic but have absolutely little desire to run around like regular dogs.

Due to their acute social nature, Chinese Cresteds form strong familial bonds.

You will have a lifelong friend that will fall head over heels in love with you. Due to their sensitivity to the sun, hairless dog breeds need special care and consideration for their skin.

Without hair, they are more vulnerable to skin irritations and need protection from the sun and the cold.

Small Dogs That Don't Shed

#5 Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is actually a non-shedding little dog breed and was created with allergy patients in mind. It has a playful, affectionate, and amicable attitude.

The true French pronunciation, according to the American Kennel Club, is bee-shon free-zay.

The cuddly white Bichon is a wonderful family pet since he is loving with most people, gets along well with other dogs and kids, and even gets along with the household cat.

Although they don’t shed, they still require maintenance. In order to maintain its powder-puff appearance, the Bichon Frise needs frequent maintenance, brushing two or three times each week, and the odd bath.

While there isn’t a breed of dog that is totally hypoallergenic, there are some that come close. Because the Bichon Frise doesn’t shed, it produces less dander than other dogs, which means allergy sufferers may experience minimal to no symptoms when around this dog.

Small Dogs That Don't Shed

#6 West Highland White Terrier

This solid little dog with the coarse white coat, who originally came from Northwestern Scotland as a working dog, is devoted, joyful, intelligent, and incredibly amusing.

Their independent streak and moderate energy levels are typical of the Terrier breeds, and they are naturally curious.

Being alert and energetic, West Highlands exhibit the characteristics of a hard-working and independent ratting terrier. Because of their independence, training them can be difficult because they will chase after anything that moves.

Westies will train well with time and care and make a superb family pet due to their loyalty and keen intelligence. Since these adorable canines have delicate ears, using sunscreen is advised if you intend to spend a lot of time outside.

Small Dogs That Don't Shed

#7 Poodle

The Poodle, and more specifically the tiny or toy poodle, come to mind when you consider small canines that don’t shed. While poodles are non-shedding and hypoallergenic, regular maintenance is still necessary.

Poodles are incredibly intelligent and simple to train, making them a good choice for families with new dogs. A froo-froo dog is not the poodle. It is a graceful athlete who is adept at advanced agility training as well as sit and stay exercises.

Poodle owners like to keep their dogs’ coats short. Fussy owners do their own cutting and clipping, but some prefer to send their dog to a professional dog groomer for a shampoo, grooming, and nail trim every four to six weeks.

Daily brushing is essential to prevent matting and dreadlocking if you don’t intend to keep your Poodle’s hair short. They can have some extremely cool hairstyles, and they typically have no odour.

Small Dogs That Don't Shed

#8 Brussels Griffon

If you want a small family dog that doesn’t require pampering, the pug-lookalike, Brussels Griffon is right up your alley. Both rough-coated and smooth-coated varieties of the Brussels Griffon thrive with regular grooming and are minimal shedders.

The griffon’s small stature demands indoor play and a daily walk,which is enough to satisfy their exercise needs, and this loyal little dog does best with families who are frequently home. Being a sensitive breed for discerning pet owners, the Brussels Griffon is devoted,smart and self-important.

Their 5-to-15-pound package,commands a big personality. And with one look into its big, human-like eyes, you’ll be smitten. But this breed is rare and may be difficult to find.

The smooth coated Brussels Griffon does shed slightly,during the shedding season for about a week in the Spring and fall. The Wire coated Brussels Griffon does not shed.Either dog is low maintenance.

Small Dogs That Don't Shed

#9  Shih Tzu

Tibet gave rise to the toy breed known as the Shih Tzu. These spoiled animals were the Tang Dynasty’s prefered pets in China, living lavish lives in palaces with all the pleasures a dog could desire. They would use their long coats to keep their owners’ beds warm because they prefer to share them, a practise that is being carried out today.

They are available in many different designs and colours, and they are all equally charming. These little puppies make devoted and loving companions, making them the perfect choice for anyone in need of love.

Their low-shedding, smooth, and silky hair has a royal appearance when brushed out, as befits their royal ancestry. Shih Tzus are excellent companions since they were bred to be house dogs and have a gentle, trusting temperament.

Shih Tzu coat maintenance is tough. To avoid tangles, daily combing and brushing are essential, as well as regular bathing (as often as once a week). The lengthy hair on Shih Tzus is really cut short by a professional groomer about once a month for Shih Tzu owners.

Small Dogs That Don't Shed

 #10 Maltese 

The Maltese have no scientific ties to Malta, despite their name. Since the Bible was still a work in progress, Aristotle wrote about the Maltese as early as 370 BC. The explanation for this is that they make excellent lap dogs due to the low amount of shedding on their long, white coats.

Maltese make delightful, entertaining, and flexible toy companions. With its large eyes and black gumdrop nose, this alluring face can win over even the most resistant hearts. It is the epitome of graceful flow.

The Maltese are kind and endearing when portraying the family. These cute little creatures don’t shed due to their thick hair coat instead of fur. Only sporadic haircuts are needed to maintain their thick hair.

Families with allergy sufferers will appreciate their white tufts’ hypoallergenic qualities. Regular brushing of their coats is necessary to keep mats from forming, and an occasional bath helps to get rid of any unwelcome dirt and debris from their long, silky hair.

Small Dogs That Don't Shed




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