Strongest Bite Force Dogs Top 20

Here are the top 20 strongest bite force dogs.

20. Belgian Malinois (195 psi)

The Malinois is a shepherding dog that is related to the German Shepherd and is also referred to as the Belgian Shepherd. These dogs are medium-sized and typically weigh between 40 and 70 pounds, yet they are renowned for their tenacity, athleticism, and bravery.

Due to their intelligence, obedience, and fearsome bites, the breed is frequently used by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. After spotting one of these puppies pursuing them closely, several fleeing criminals have come to a stop and reconsidered their course in life.

Belgian Malinois

19. English Bulldog (210 psi)

These cute little puppies were originally raised for bull-baiting, a barbaric technique in which canines were let loose on tied-up bulls. A powerful bite was necessary for the development of the breed since the dogs would be required to seize the bull’s nose and hang on.

English Bulldogs of today are more likely than any other breed to sink their fangs into your couch, but they can still exert a tonne of force when they bite.

English Bulldog

18. Chow Chow (220 psi)

When they saw a pack of these deadly canines coming their way, many soldiers probably lost the will to fight. Chow Chows were developed in ancient China as guard and combat dogs. They have the same appearance as lions, and when the mood strikes, they are just as dangerous.

Chow Chows can make lovely pets, but they have a propensity to stick to one owner and show suspicion towards strangers. That, coupled with their strong jaws, results in a breed that, if you intend to retain one in your home, requires a lot of obedience training and socialising.

Chow Chow

17. Dutch Shepherd (224 psi)

In essence, the Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd are modified versions of the Dutch Shepherd. Similar to their cousins, Dutch Shepherds are frequently employed by law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Following World War II, this breed came dangerously close to extinction as many animals either starved to death or were taken by the German troops for use in their armed forces. Although the breed is still uncommon, it has survived to the present day due to its usefulness, particularly its potent bites.

Dutch Shepherd

16. Alano Espanol (227 psi)

The Alano Espanol are a species that many people have never even heard of, much less learned enough about to be concerned about their bites. From the 14th century on, this species, known as the Spanish Bulldog, explored the globe with Spanish explorers. They were admired for their bravery in combat.

This is a big breed, frequently weighing in at 90 pounds. They are best placed in the hands of individuals with extensive expertise training huge breeds because they are noted for having powerful dispositions but being subservient to their owners.

Alano Espanol

15. Doberman Pinscher (228 psi)

Doberman pinschers were once regarded as the world’s most terrifying, ferocious dogs. There’s no doubting that these canines are capable of serious chomping action if properly motivated, but that reputation was mainly undeserved (and the mantle has been largely usurped by Pit Bulls, which is equally unfair).

These canines are among the top guard dog breeds in the world because they are extremely intelligent and fiercely loyal. They have a beautiful heart pounding beneath that threatening appearance, and they can also be very loving and gentle with their families.

Doberman Pinscher

14. Boxer (230 psi)

Given their size and athleticism, boxers should do well on a test like this. They’re not nearly as large or commanding as some of the breeds at the top of our list, though.

Boxers are generally neither violent or dangerous, unlike many of the other breeds displayed here. You should still treat them with care, however, as they are capable of causing major harm if they feel like it, given the substantial amount of force that they can exert in a single bite.


13. Pit Bull (235 psi)

Some people might be surprised by this ranking since it’s commonly believed that Pit Bulls have the strongest bite of any breed. The truth is that they don’t even make the top 10, while having the ability to put tremendous force behind each of their nibbles.
It’s vital to keep in mind that many so-called “Pit Bulls” are actually hybrids, and those hybrids may contain breeds with even more powerful bites than Pibbles. As a result, you might never realise how powerful the dog’s bite can be until you’re dealing with a purebred Pit Bull.

Pit Bull

12. German Shepherd (238 psi)

German Shepherds are large and athletic, just like Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds, and they are highly desired by military and police enforcement agencies all over the world. These dogs are well-liked as household pets despite the fact that they can be scary working dogs.

Why are German Shepherds’ bites more vicious if they are so closely related to the Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd? They are generally a little bit bigger than their cousins, for one thing, but there’s also a chance that the data is inaccurate, so treat that information with caution.

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

11. American Bulldog (305 psi)

Since size appears to be the primary factor influencing biting strength, American Bulldogs are essentially the larger cousins of Pit Bulls and English Bulldogs. However, American Bulldogs are typically friendly, lovely dogs like their smaller counterparts.

However, how they are raised does matter. These puppies could be harmful if you don’t socialise and teach them from a young age because they have a strong will. Take your dog’s training very seriously because you do not want to be the owner of a stubborn, disobedient dog that can generate 305 psi with each bite.

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

10.Rottweiler (328 psi)

The Rottweiler can put the most force behind each bite of the three dog breeds—Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers—that are most frequently thought to have the strongest bites in the canine world. But ultimately, they only just cracked the top 10.

Rotties are large, intimidating animals that, if improperly taught and socialised, can be harmful (particularly to strangers). But because they are extremely needy, having a Rottie may be like having a 100-pound baby who sobs whenever you leave the room.

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

9.Leonberger (399 psi)

Although they aren’t the most well-known breed, these shaggy, goofy giants can pack a powerful bite given their size (they frequently weigh more than 150 pounds). However, unlike many of the other breeds on this list, Leonbergers are more commonly utilised for search-and-rescue operations than for security or law enforcement duties.

They were probably originally developed to protect cattle, which would need them to defend it from wolves, bears, and other dangerous animals (hence their massive size). Today, though, they are frequently utilised as water rescue animals, and all that strength is useful when you need to save a person who is drowning in a lake.

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

8. Dogo Argentino (500 psi)

This South American puppy is frequently mistaken for Pit Bulls or American Bulldogs, but they truly don’t resemble either breed all that much. The now-extinct Cordoba Fighting Dog was first crossed with giant breeds including Great Danes, Dogues de Bordeaux, Irish Wolfhounds, and Pyrenean Mastiffs to make them.

Antonio Nores Martinez, a doctor, developed the breed in 1928. Martinez desired a pet that would be a devoted, loving friend as well as able to help with large game hunting and provide protection for his home. The outcome was a breed that is currently frequently used as a therapy dog and is very social (although they also do police work on the side).

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

7. Presa Canario (540 psi)

For their intimidating size, the Presa Canario, or Spanish Mastiff, has long been admired. Over the course of their lengthy history, these dogs, which frequently weigh more than 150 pounds, have served as fighting dogs, security dogs, and even war dogs. These dogs can be affectionate, docile, and lovely, but they require a lot of socialisation and training to remain that way.

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

6. English Mastiff (552 psi)

Most kennel clubs simply refer to the English Mastiff as “the Mastiff,” hence they are frequently used as the standard for what a Mastiff-type dog should be. However, this is more likely a result of the fact that kennel clubs were founded in England than it is a result of the breed’s historical claim to superiority.

Although they are capable of inflicting pain on a person with their jaws, English Mastiffs are normally docile and even-tempered canines. Because of this, you won’t often see these dogs being deployed by the military or by law enforcement, even though their frightening size alone can make them excellent protection dogs.

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

5. Tosa Inu (556 psi)

The Japanese Mastiff, or Tosa Inu, is just as big and commanding as any of its relatives. However, unlike many other Mastiff-type dogs, these canines are usually quiet and vigilant.

Although Tosa Inus generally have even temperaments, they still need a lot of socialisation and obedience training. You should pay close attention to how they interact with other dogs because they have a tendency to become aggressive and irritable when they perceive a threat to their families or property.

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

4. Dogue De Bordeaux (556 psi)

The French Mastiff, or Dogue de Bordeaux, is an ancient breed that has been around since at least the 14th century. On farms, these enormous canines were used for a variety of tasks, including as pulling carts and watching after cattle.

This is one of the oldest Mastiff-like breeds on the world, and many people think they are direct descendants of the Greek Molossus, a large battle dog that is regarded to be the ancestor of all Mastiff types today.

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

3. Cane Corso (700 psi)

Italy and the Cane Corso, or Italian Mastiff, are the next stop on our tour of the Mastiff breed’s geographic distribution. These dogs used to be extremely widespread throughout the nation, but now they are primarily restricted to the Puglia region in the south.

Cane Corsos often weigh “only” 110 pounds or thereabouts, making them slightly less huge than other Mastiff-type breeds. They are, however, often far more muscular than their cousins, which accounts for their ability to deliver such a powerful bite.

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

2.Bandog (730 psi)

This breed, also known as the Bandog Mastiff, is thought to have originated in England sometime in the 13th century and is a cross between the Pit Bull Terrier and the Neapolitan Mastiff. Bullenbeissers is one among the most frequently mentioned options, although it’s possible that there’s other DNA mixed in there as well.

This breed is uncommon, and kennel clubs and other regulating bodies don’t typically recognise it. They have quite the fearsome history, and the moniker stems from the fact that they were “banded up” — or chained — until they were needed as guard or battle dogs. Despite its terrible past, this species has a reputation for being emotionally dependent, so don’t be shocked if you end up with a 125-pound lapdog.

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

1.Kangal (743 psi)

The only breed in the top seven that isn’t a Mastiff of some description is the Kangal, or Kangal Shepherd; this Turkish dog is thought to have originated in central Asia. It is not surprising that their jaws are lethal weapons given that they have been employed as herding dogs for a long time and have been expected to battle lions, wolves, bears, jackals, and other predators.

Despite the fact that they can make terrific companions, these canines are unquestionably working dogs and are therefore never off duty. They can be distant from strangers and possessive towards their family, but with the right socialisation, they can develop into devoted, caring guardians.

Strongest Bite Force Dogs

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