Top 12 Tallest Dog Breeds To Compare

Have you always wished for a dog with some height? You’re at the correct place, then. You will need some power and a long leash to stroll these 12 tallest dog breeds around the park.

 #1 Borzoi

The Borzoi, also known as the Russian Hunting Sighthound, is a breed of domestic dog used for hunting. They were originally from Central Asia and moved to Russia in the 17th century. Instead of using the traditional scent to hunt, sighthounds use sight and speed to grab their prey.

They have seven different colour variations and, for the most part, a distinct streak.They rarely bark and are peaceful animals.They are quite gentle and sensitive around people.They can travel great distances quickly since they are designed for speed and endurance.

They have a propensity to chase everything that runs away from them because they were raised to be coursing dogs, even small dogs and cats.To burn energy, they require large areas.

Males can stand as high as 85 cm (33 inches), while females can reach 78 cm (31 inches).

Tallest Dog Breeds

 #2 Leonberger

In the middle of the 1830s, the German city of Leonberg gave rise to the Leonberger breed. They were developed to undertake draught work, serve as watchdogs, and defend farm animals from harm. They are now known to carry out lifesaving and maritime rescue missions for the Canadian government.

They make a wonderful family pet since they are intelligent and have a gentle demeanour, standing up to 80 cm/31 inches for men and up to 75 cm/30 inches for women.

They are gentle with youngsters, and because they are a large breed, they need strict training and lots of exercise.

Tallest Dog Breeds

#3 Kuvasz

A breed of cattle dog with historical roots to Hungary reaching back to 2000 BC is the Kuvasz. It has a fluffy white coat and an imposing bulk. They came to Hungary along with the Magyar tribes and served largely as guard dogs for cattle.

They were later employed as security dogs at the royal house in Hungary.They nearly went extinct during World War II because the advancing German armies massacred the Kuvasz in large numbers because they were fiercely protective of their families.

They have made wonderful household pets over the past 70 years.Standing at 76 cm (30 inches) for the male and 70 cm (28 inches) for the female, they are excellent family pets and take their job of guarding the home seriously.

Tallest Dog Breeds

#4 Afghan Hound

Another kind of sighthound that can catch prey by wearing it down over long distances, much like a cheetah, is the Afghan hound. It has good eyesight and a quick galloping and jumping gait. It features a long coat that is appropriate for cold weather and was developed in Afghanistan’s mountainous regions.

Aloof by nature, the dog is increasingly more popular in dog competitions than for hunting.

With its long, lustrous coat and height of up to 73 cm/29 inches, this powerful animal is a favourite among dog lovers all around the world.

Tallest Dog Breeds

#5 Saluki

One of the oldest dog breeds is the Saluki, often known as the Persian Greyhound, which is closely related to the Afghan Hound. Due to its incredible endurance, a different sighthound is regarded as the quickest canine across a distance of 800 metres (2.600 feet). reaching a speed of 42 miles per hour or 68 km/h.

Salukis can be challenging to teach since they are aloof.

They will pursue any animal that flees due to their coursing characteristics. Due to their peaceful disposition and height of up to 71 cm/28 inches, Salukis are suitable for apartment living.

Tallest Dog Breeds

#6 Kangal Shepherd Dog

The “Kangal” was exclusively bred by Turkish livestock owners as a guard dog for sheep flocks. It will easily fend off predators like bears, wolves, and jackals and is passionately devoted to its herd. It is a commanding sight and was originally bred from Mastiff stock.

Standing up to 80 cm/31 inches tall, it is devoted to its human family, especially young children, and kind with them, yet it is a formidable opponent when faced with threats to its flock.

In order to prevent lions and cheetahs from stealing farmers’ cattle, it has been exported to African nations.

According to some reports, among all canine guard dogs, the Kangal Shepherd Dog has the strongest vice-like bite force.

This dog breed is definitely a contender for the title of tallest.

Tallest Dog Breeds

 #7 Black Russian Terrier

The USSR developed the Black Russian terrier breed in the 1940s and early 1950s for use as working and military dogs.The breed was meticulously created by crossing the greatest traits of the rottweiler, giant schnauzer, newfoundland, and caucasian shepherd dog.

This dog is a true working class dog, reaching a height of 76 cm/30 inches.They are easily distracted and, whether they are chasing, carrying, tugging, or guarding, they were made to work.They are self-assured, composed, and brave like a soldier.

They are perceptive and very smart.They were created to watch over and defend.

Big Dogs That Don't Shed

 #8 St Bernard

The St. Bernard is a large dog native to the Swiss-Italian Alps. The Italian monk Bernard of Menthon, who collected the first canine specimens between 1660 and 1670, is credited with giving the breed its name.

The dogs were raised to do alpine rescue missions.This gentle giant is devoted and affectionate, and it’s okay to let kids play with him.

Training is advised at a young age because, because to its size, unruly behaviour cannot be managed by anybody other than an alpha male pack leader. It can grow to a massive height of 90 cm/35 inches.

They are bred to be diligent workers who delight in serving their owners.To keep their energy levels up, they do require a fair portion of food each day.

Tallest Dog Breeds

 #9 Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees, also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, is a huge dog that was bred to protect herds of sheep in the Pyrenees Mountains region, which is on the border of France and Spain. on the sides of a mountain. They are independent and fiercely protective of their herd.

They bark to protect their herd because they are nocturnal animals.With its bright white coat, this dog, which can reach a height of 80 cm (31 inches), is incredibly intimidating.They are kind and secure around their human family but reserved around outsiders until they are let into the house.

Tallest Dog Breeds

#10 Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound was developed to pursue and chase down Red Deer using this method of hunting. With its superior vision and ground speed as a sighthound, it would run down the deer by sheer perseverance and tenacity.

Greyhound-like in appearance, but heavier-boned and with a rougher-textured coat.The Scottish Deerhound is a large dog that can reach a height of 80 cm (32 inches). It is calm, kind, and eager to please its owner.

Despite being an excellent, calm family dog, they must be be watched around young children owing to their size.

Tallest Dog Breeds

#11 Irish Wolfhound

According to some reports, the Irish Wolfhound is the tallest breed of canine. It is undoubtedly a frightening prospect for potential prey, standing up to 81 cm/32 inches. It is a sighthound, like all hounds, and it hunts by sight and speed.

They may hunt for prey far from their master and be trusted to return with a catch because they are devoted, independent, and faithful creatures with tremendous patience.

Being sociable to strangers makes them one of the few “big dog breeds” that are not bred to be guard dogs.

t has been stated that the Irish Wolfhound,is the tallest of all breeds of dogs.Standing up to 81cm/32 inches,it is certainly a daunting prospect for potential prey.Like all hounds,it is a sighthound,relying on sight and speed to catch prey.

They are loyal,independent,devoted and with great patience they can hunt for prey many miles from their owner,and be trusted to return with a catch.They one of the few “giant dog breeds” that are not natural guard dogs,as they are actually friendly towards strangers.

Tallest Dog Breeds

 #12 Great Dane 

The Great Dane,English Mastiff and the Irish Wolfhound were crossed to create the gigantic breed of domestic dog known as the German Mastiff in the 16th century. Because of the Irish Wolfhound, this gentle giant got its kind, caring demeanour.

They were raised for hunting for the German nobility to hunt bears and wild boars, reaching an astonishing height of 90 cm/35 inches.To ensure that the great dane is not scared of or hostile towards strangers, proper training must begin at a young age.

With the kids of their owners’ family, they are very affectionate.

Tallest Dog Breeds


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