What Is Dog Clicker Training

Dog owners are becoming more and more enamoured with a recently launched innovative technique to dog training. So what is dog clicker training? This novel approach to dog training involves waiting for the dog to act before giving the command and then emphasising the reward.

In traditional training methods, the dog is given a command and then expected to follow it. The click method makes training a young puppy simpler and is frequently used to train an older dog.

What Is Dog Clicker Training?

A clicker is used in clicker training. A flexible metal piece is attached to one side of this little box, which is about an inch long and half an inch wide. The click sound is made when the metal piece within the box is pressed.

The dog associates desired action with the clicking sound. Hearing the click teaches him to wait for a reward or goodie.

All a dog owner needs to start clicker training a dog is a clicker, a bag of dog treats, and patience. As the owner, start by getting down on the ground and watching your dog.

The owner will turn on the clicker and give the dog a treat as soon as it begins to sit by itself.

It is sufficient to give just one treat per meal. This regimen will be followed by the owner for six sessions.

What Is Dog Clicker Training


The dog will initially not comprehend the relationship between activity, click, and reward, but it won’t take him long to get used to the routine.

The owner can begin incorporating the term “sit” into the training process once the dog understands what the desired activity is expected of him.

The dog will joyfully repeat the activity several times in the knowledge that his conduct will be recognised in due course, so the owner won’t need to reward the dog every time he sits.

What Is Dog Clicker Training

It might be advantageous to start working on other commands, such lie down and stay, at this point.

Compared to other teaching techniques, clicker training is prefered by dog trainers. For instance, the owner need not touch the animal.

Conventional training techniques can be especially difficult when dealing with a wriggling puppy who is oblivious to what is happening. The dog will be happier if the owner waits for the puppy to act on its own before rewarding and clicking.

By the completion of the training, neither party will feel agitated.

What Is Dog Clicker Training

Dog Clicker Training Pros Cons

In that it does not use force, punishment, unpleasant techniques, or choke collars, the click approach is a kinder technique. Due to their delicate dispositions and bodies, pups can use the method without risk.

A puppy will respond to their owners much better if they are handled with respect because training your dog is a two-way conversation. The dog doesn’t need to be taken out of its habits.

Instead, the clicker method strengthens the dog’s already-present desired behaviours.

The click method’s success depends on your ability to persist.

It will be difficult at first to resist telling the dog what to do, especially if the owner is accustomed to conventional training methods.

Why not train with food lures instead of a clicker?

At least initially, using food as a reward is still a crucial component of training. However, employing food rewards exclusively has a few disadvantages:

#1 Obesity can result from overindulging.

#2 If the goodies are not administered properly, some dogs will become disinterested and stop learning.

#3 The dog might not fully comprehend what he accomplished to merit the award if the treat is present.

#4 Treating can make a dog resentful of being asked to do something until the treat is produced; as a result, the dog may only comply with commands when the treat is visible.

#5 Everyone who uses clicker training practises it consistently. The click doesn’t change between family members like vocal commands do.

What Is Dog Clicker Training

Clicker Training May Not Work On All Older Dogs

As soon as the dog comprehends the action, click, and reward procedure and develops into an eager learner, he will become patient and calm.

It could be more challenging to click train an older dog that was initially educated using conventional methods since patience is needed.

Because it doesn’t know what is expected of it, the dog could feel anxious and lose interest.

If this happens, the dog’s mind will become closed off to the concept of knowing, making the click method ineffective. Some older dogs, however, will swiftly adapt to this novel form of learning, and the switch to the clicker method will happen right away.

As dog-training techniques have evolved over time, some have persisted and some are still changing how dogs are trained. One such ground-breaking method is the click approach.

If it keeps gaining popularity, we won’t need choke chains or coercive techniques to train our dogs. The clicker method will result in a gratifying bond between the owner and the dog that will last a lifetime.

What Is Dog Clicker Training

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